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Contributed by JD Bedsole,



UPDATED 03/2005

© Copyright. 2003. All Rights Reserved. JD Bedsole.

NOTE: Although this work is copyrighted, permission is

granted to all who desire it, to copy it, free of charge.

However, copying in order to use any of it for sale, is absolutely

NOT permitted. To read my Bedsole History book, go to this site:

Researched, Compiled, Analyzed and Written


J.D. Bedsole, ASME, BSBA, BSVE, MSEA, PhD.



I spent more than 53 years researching the Bedsoles, beginning in 1950. At first, I did it the hard way by working all week, then driving to NC friday night and spending the weekend riding around and asking for Bedsoles at police

stations, fire stations, grocery stores and mailmen. That took a lot of time and money. I found in general, the Bedsoles had no idea where the name came from, nor when. But my dad, who finished the 3rd grade, had told me the and the first Bedsole, came from Germany. I found out he was right about the name, but way wrong about the first “Bedsole” in this country.

Bedsole is spelled Betzold in the German language, but pronounced as Bedsole. If we accept the following as being correct, and I believe it is, then Lewis Bletsoe is the “First” Bedsole, for our purposes and until someone else discovers some names, dates, relationships and places, prior to Lewis Bletsoe, below


NOTE: With the exception of the last William Henry Bledsoe (born about 1700) and wife below, the BLEDSOE portion of this List was obtained from long-time BLEDSOE researcher, Bob Bledsoe.

1. Lewis BLETSOE b: Abt. 1600 in England d: July 25, 1638 in England
+Ellen BEADLES b: Abt. 1603 in England d: August 17, 1623 in England m: October 08, 1621 .
++ 2nd Wife of Lewis BLETSOE: Isabel PRIDMORE b: Abt. 1607 in England d: March 13, 1635/36 in England m: October 09, 1624 in Barton-Seagrave, Northhamptonshire, England
2. Abraham BLETSOE b: June 1625 in Barton-Seagrave, Northhamptonshire, England Baptism: June 05, 1625
2. Annis BLETSOE b: December 1626 in Barton-Seagrave, Northhamptonshire, England Baptism: December 10, 1626
+William HENCHMAN m: September 29, 1653 in Barton-Seagrave, Northhamptonshire, England.
2. Thomas BLETSOE b: June 1628 in Barton-Seagrave, Northhamptonshire, England Baptism: June 20, 1629 2. William BLETSOE b: June 1630 in Barton-Seagrave, Northhamptonshire, England 2. George BLEDSOE b: April 1632 in Barton-Seagrave, Northhamptonshire, England d: 1705 in Northumberland Co., VA. Baptism: April 08, 1632
+Anne___? b: Abt. 1650 d: Abt. 1695 in VA m: Abt. 1670 in VA ++ 2nd Wife of George BLEDSOE: Elizabeth b: Abt. 1656 d: 1708 m: Abt. 1698
3. Sarah BLEDSOE b: Abt. 1671 in VA d: Aft. 1700 +Thomas DAMERON b: Abt. 1655 in VA m: Abt. 1688 in The first Bedsole in this 3 . Abraham BLEDSOE b: Abt. 1673 in Northumberland Co., VA d: 1753 in Granville +Katherine BALL b: Abt. 1684 in VA d: Abt. 1718 m: Abt. 1770 ++Sarah CAVE b: Abt. 1700 d: Aft. 1755 in Granville Co., NC m: Abt. 1723
3 John BLEDSOE b: Abt. 1680 in Northumberland Co.,VA d: Abt. 1728 in Northumberland. 3 George BLEDSOE, Jr. b: Abt. 1683 in VA
3 Thomas BLEDSOE b: Abt. 1690 in VA
+ No wife listed. 3.William BLEDSOE b: Abt. 1676 in Northumberland Co., VA d: 1769 in CulpepperCo., VA
+Anne___? b: Abt. 1692 d: Abt. 1725 m: abt. 1710 in Northumberland, VA
4. William Henry Bledsoe, b. Abt. 1700, in Va. This is our William Henry (Bedsole, Sr.).

+Elizabeth____? b: Abt. 1700. m: Abt. 1727 in Spotsylvania Co., VA.

Although the surname Bledsoe is recognized by many as originating in England. It is clear to me after going to England and Germany in 1993 and again in 1994, that Bledsoe originated in Prussia, just as Bedsole did. The two spellings were most likely one and the same at some point. Bedsole in German is spelled Betzold. Bledsoe is spelled Bletzold.

Ships captains back in the 1600’s and early 1700’s did not keep records and there was no one to turn them over to, if they did, with few and very rare exeptions. William Henry Bledsoe, (Sr.) was in Russell County, Virginia in 1719 and is on a land patent then. He is also on the 1734 Tithe (tax) List for Orange County, Virginia and his Will was processed in Culpepper County, Virginia, in 1770. His son, William Henry Bledsoe, Jr., also later spelled Bedsole by an english Scribe in NC, was born in Va. in 1727. He moved to NC and married Rhoda West, a daughter of James West, about 1749, probably in Bladen County. So, until proven otherwise, Lewis Bletsoe above, is the common ancestor for all Bedsoles, all Bedsauls and many Bledsoes in the United States today. There is also a John, Elisha and Vincent Bedsole, all likely born around 1728-1733, who appear to be sons of that same William Henry, Sr. They are the only other documented Bedsoles to my knowledge, after William Henry (Jr.), who arrived in North Carolina in 1749. Elisha Bedsole married Mary Edwards at Cane Creek, NC on September 15, 1751 and I have a very long list of their descendants. Descendants of Elisha adopted the last name BEDSAUL after he died in Virginia in 1804, courtesy of another Scribes misspelling, so I have not included them as “Bedsoles”. I believe, from what few records I could find, that Elisha moved from Va., to NC, then back to Va. Most likely he was living near his brothers when in NC, but he liked to live in Virginia where his parents lived, so he lived there many years. I have never found a wife or children for Vincent. John apparently lived in Va., then NC, then Va. again, and finaly died in NC and I found no wife or children for him either. It is likely, I believe, but not documented, that William Jr., Elisha, John and Vincent were the four brothers, known by oldtimers in NC, as “ the first Bedsoles in this neck of the woods”. Assuming that one of these 4 men was the father of Thomas Bedsole, Sr. 1750-1825, who most Bedsole researchers thought for years, was the “First” Bedsole in this country, it is most likely that William Henry Bedsole, Jr. was that person, because Thomas, following custom back then, named his first son and first daughter, William Henry Bedsole and Rhoda Bedsole, respectively, after his own parents. In addition, William Henry, Jr. named Thomas Bedsole Sr., after his own uncle Thomas, who was born in 1690. Notwithstanding that Lewis Bletsoe was the “First” generation, lets assume for my purposes that William Henry Sr., was the First Generation Bedsole ((So these new discoveries and generations will fit into my already long List, without having to renumber them all. Then the second generation would be his children.


2. William Henry Bledsoe/Bedsole, Sr. Born 1676. Died in 1769-1770, in Culpepper County, Virginia. The Will for William was written 27 December 1769 and probated on 19 April, 1770, in Culpepper County, Virginia. + Annie___?

++ Elizabeth ___? in Va. Second wife of William Sr. and mother of William Jr. 3. William Henry Bedsole, Jr. b. 1727, in Va. Moved to NC. + Rhoda West, of NC. Dau. of James West.

4. Vincent Bledsoe, b. 1729 in Va. Moved to NC.

+ No wife found.

4. John Bledsoe, b. 1733 in Va. Moved to NC

+ No wife found.

4. Elisha Bledsoe, b. 1732 in Va. Moved to Nc, then back to Va.

+ Mary Edwards.

3. Vincent Bedsole, b. 1728-33. probably in Virginia. Probably died around 1780. No spouse,

children, or date of death. I have NC land deed abstracts for him in Orange, Dobbs, Johnston

and Bladen Counties in NC. It was said by old-timers in NC that he and brother John were

both killed by an indian hunting party, near Beaverdam, NC, near his cabin, while working in

their fields.

3. John Bedsole, b. 1728-33. Probaly born in Virginia. I never found a wife or children for him. A John is on the 1790 Bladen County, NC Census with Thomas Bedsole, Sr. A John is also on the 1795 Bladen County Index and one is on the 1800 Buncombe County,NC Census. It is exremely easy to get one John mixed up with the other and it is NOT POSSIBLE to know which one you are looking at when they were both alive at the same time. It is very

likely though, that the John of 1728 did not live past 1800.

3. Elisha Bedsole, Sr. b. 1730-1804. Birthplace Virginia. Lived in NC and Virginia. Last name of his descendants became BEDSAUL in 1804 in Va. The Bedsaul lineage lists several “Elisha Bedsauls” among his descendants. However, on his four late 1700’s Wythe/Montgomery County Land Patents in Virginia, his name is listed as Elisha Bedsoll on one, Elisha Bedsol, on two and Elisha Bedsolt on the fourth. Therefore, it is clear to me that his last name was Bedsole and not Bedsaul, back then, regardless of the fact that his descendants do not agree with me. Elisha died in 1804 at Chestnut Creek, Virginia. He is listed in the Orange County, NC Census for 1780, as Elisha Bedsole. He also appears in Virginia on the 1772 and 1782 tax lists, along with a John Bedsole, both of them as “Bedsolt”. It is unknown when he moved where. But after he died, his son, Elisha Bedsole, Jr., b. 1753 assumed, or it was given to him by a Scribe at the time, the spelling of his last name as Bedsaul in 1804. Consequently there are thousands of Elishas descendants with that name, instead of Bedsole. Elishas wife, children and their spouses were:

NOTE: For ease in adding the BLEDSOES above, to the already existing Bedsole list, I now show Elisha, Vincent, John and William Henry Jr., as generation # 2.

2. Elisha Bedsole, b. 1730-1804

+ Mary Edwards. b. 1733-34, in North Carolina. They were married September 15, 1751

in Cane Creek, NC.

3. Amey Bedsole, b. 1753 in NC.

+ George Martin, b. 1751 in Virginia.

3. Elisha Bedsole, Jr. b. 1753. In 1804, he assumed “Bedsaul” surname.

+ Wifes name not known.

3. Mary Bedsole, b. 1756 in Virginia.

+ Flower Swift

3. Elizabeth Bedsole, b. 1757

+ Jesse Cox

3. Ann Bedsole, b. 1758

+ Solomon Ruddick

3. Eleanor Bedsole, b. 1758

+ Husbands name not known.

2. William Henry Bedsole, Jr., b. 1727, Virginia. Died about 1800 in NC. + Rhoda West, b. 1733 in NC. Married about 1749 in NC. 3. John Bedsole, b.1753-1804, He was in Va. and NC, but died in NC.

+ Sarah Brown, b. 1755 in Va.

4. Elizabeth V. Bedsole 1811-1826 born in Va., died in Georgia.
+ George Green 1790

4.Alford E. Pickney Green (May be Alfred)b. 1826, in Ga.
+ Penelope Maria Cook b. 1830 Barbour County, Ala.( Eufaula).
4. William E. Green b. 1828 in Ga.
+ Mary Jane Cook b.1829 Eufaula, Ala.
4. Joseph Carter Green b. 1830 in Ga. d. 1/11/1906 in Eufaula, Ala.
+ Amanda Tamplin m. 14/11/1854. 2nd wife: Martha Taylor Adkinson 2/4/1903
4. Martha Green b. 1830 Eufaula, Ala.
4. Nathan Green b. 1834 in Eufaula, Ala.

Note1. John Bedsole is also listed on the 1795 Estate Records Index for Cumberland County. Note 2. Junior Willis is listed in the 1804 Cumberland County Tax List, as paying taxes for "The estate of Bedsole". (John Must have been Juniors father- in-law, or other relative)

Note 3: Until the year 2001, I was convinced that Thomas Bedsole, Sr, below, was the first Bedsole in this country. That of course, has been proved by me, and to my satisfaction, to be untrue and that the above is more likely accurate .

3. Thomas Bedsole, Sr. b. 1750-1825. Beaverdam, (Bladen) NC.

+ Rebecca Jones, 1753-1827. Married about 1769-70.

Nothing on him in any other state. Courthouse records burnt in Bladen

County, NC in 1793, 1800, 1867, 1825 or so. So marriage, birth, land,

and other records are almost non-existent on many of the older Bedsoles in NC.I

have several land records on Thomas Sr. which were retrieved from the

courthouse in Raleigh, NC. In “The NC Tax Lists for 1757-1767”, by William L.

Byrd III, Thomas is listed as living in the household of James West, his maternal

grandfather, in NC at age 17, in 1767, which proves his birth year, as 1750.

4. Rhoda Bedsole, 1770-1855

+ John Parker, Jr, b. 1768. Son of John Parker, Sr. and Elizabeth Sessoms

5. Daniel Parker

+ Sarah Wise

5. George Parker

5. Alfred Parker

+Elizabeth C.__?

5. Susan Parker

+ Edward Bedsole

5. Sally Parker

+ Mr. Holloway

5. Thomas R. Parker

5. John R. Parker, (III ?)

+ Charity Bedsole...Daughter of Thomas Sr’s son, William.

5. Simon Peter Parker

+ Nancy Hattaway

++ Francis Hall

6. Francis Parker b.1812 (Francis Halls son)

+ Penelope Edwards, b. 1837

7. Susan Parker

7. Margaret Parker

7. David Parker

7. Jonathan Parker

7. James Decatur Parker

7. Francis Parker

7. Elizabeth Parker

7. William Parker

6. Ada Parker

6. Elizabeth Parker

4. Elizabeth Bedsole, b. 1772, Beaverdam, NC

+ Steven/Stephen Rials/Ryals

5. Thomas Rials, b. 1794

+ Polly Walker, married 8/8/1815

5. Noal Rials, b. 1795

5. Hardy Rials, b. 1797

5. David Rials, b. 1799

5. Unity Rials,b. 1800

5. Sara Rials, b. 1802

5. Nancy Rials, b. 1804 5. William Rials, on Orange County, NC Census, 1810.

4. Sarah Bedsole, b. 1779 +Benjamin Muccell, b. 1776
++ Thomas Smith, b. 1778
5. Elizabeth Smith
+ Levi Jones
5. Clarey Smith
+ Nusen Autry
++ Owen Jones
5. Stephen Smith
+ Ann Smith
5. Thomas Smith, Jr. 4. William Henry Bedsole, b. 1782, Beaverdam, NC. d. 1842. +Sara Smith, b. 1783 5. Charity Bedsole, b.1802 5. Amos Bedsole, Sr. b. 1800, NC. d. Warrenton, Ga + Martha Cox b. 1802 in Ga. 6. Aris Bedsole 33 b. Georgia
6. Elizabeth Bedsole, 19 b. Georgia
6. Francis Bedsole 26 b. Georgia
6. George Bedsole, III, b. Warrenton, Ga.
6. George Bedsole 22 b. Georgia
6. James A. Bedsole 20 b. Georgia
6. Martha A.Bedsole 16 b. Georgia
6. Mary Bedsole 30 b. Georgia
6. Sarah Bedsole 24 b. Georgia 6. Charlotte Bedsole, b. 1830. Ga. 6. Amos Bedsole, Jr. b. 1826, Ga. Teacher.

6. Isaiah Bedsole, b. 1832. Died in Civil War hospital in Va.

+ Sarah. Last name unknown to me.

7. Elizabeth Bedsole b. 1858

6. Frank Bedsole, b. ?

6. Travis Bedsole, b. 1831. d. Warrenton, Ga. m. 11/07/1858

+ Mary E. Stanley, b. 1833. m. 11/07/1858

7. George Pierce Bedsole, 10/1859-4/7/1919, Warrenton, Ga.

+ Martha Jane Cook, m. 9/11/1881, Warrenton, Ga.

8. Leander Bedsole, 9/19/1886-6/24/1966, Jackson, Ga.

+ Lunie Rebecca Minton, b. 1888.

9. Jesse Lee Bedsole, dead. Jewel, Georgia.

9. James Rigdon Bedsole, 12/17/1909-07/26/1987, Pepperton, Ga.

+ Mary Francis Lawton
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