Jane Elizabeth-Brown Reusch, M. D

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Jane Elizabeth-Brown Reusch, M.D.


Professional address and phone: Denver VA Medical Center (111H), Rm 9c120b

1055 Clermont Street

Denver, CO 80220

(303) 399-8020 x 3137

FAX: 393-5271


Professor, Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes, Department of Medicine, and Biochemistry, University of Colorado Denver-HSC, Staff Physician, Denver VAMC, and Director, Diabetes Team, and Microscopy Core Denver VAMC, Denver, CO; CCTSI VA Liaison



University of Notre Dame 1977-1981

Bachelor of Science Cum Laude

Medical School:

Northwestern University 1982-1984

Chicago, IL

University of Minnesota 1984-1986

Minneapolis, MN

Doctor of Medicine

Medical Internship and Residency:

University of Colorado Affiliated Hospitals 1986-1989

Denver, CO

Fellowship in Endocrinology & Metabolism:

University of Colorado Health Sciences Center 1989-1992

Denver, CO

Instructor of Medicine:

University of Colorado Health Sciences Center 1992-1994

Director, UCHSC Diabetes Clinical Practice 1992-1997

Assistant Professor of Medicine:

University of Colorado Health Sciences Center 1994-2000

Associate Professor of Medicine

University of Colorado Health Sciences Center 2000- 2006

Professor of Medicine

University of Colorado Health Sciences Center 2006-Present


Internal Medicine 1989

Endocrinology & Metabolism 1991, 2002




Bachelor of Science cum laude

Associate Investigator Award, Veterans Administration (1992-1995)

NRSA (1992-1995) declined

WAFCR/WSCI Young Investigator Award (February 1993)

WAFCR Young Faculty Research Award (1994)

Research Associate Award, Veterans Administration (1995-1998)

NIH Clinical Investigator Award (1995-2000)

VA Merit Review Award (1995-2009)

ADA Research Award (1998-2001)

Elected, Western Society for Clinical Investigation (1999)

Merck Young Investigator Award in Atherosclerosis (1999)

American Heart Association- Writing Group on Diabetic Vascular Disease (2000)

American Diabetes Association-First Annual Colorado Woman of Valor Award (2001)

President American Federation of Medical Research (2002-2003)

Elected, American Society for Clinical Investigation (2002)

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International Research Award (2002-2005)

UCHSC Student Teaching Award (2001-2002)

Elected, Western Association of Physicians (2004)

NIH RO1 (2004-2009)

Elected, Association of American Physicians (2005)

President, WSCI (2008)

VA Clinical Merit Review Award (2007-2011)


American College of Physicians

American Diabetes Association

American Federation for Medical Research

The Endocrine Society

American Heart Association

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

American Society for Clinical Investigation and Western Society for Clinical Investigation

American Association of Physicians and Western Association of Physicians


VA Clinical Merit Award (Reusch) (10/01/2007-09/30/2011)

Role: PI

Title: Impact of lipid infusion on Functional Exercise Capacity

Objective: To reconstitute the defect in exercise capacity observed in diabetes by inducing a dysmetabolic state

HL56481 (Stenmark) (Program Project) PPG Adaptations to Hypoxia (4/1/98-3/31/14)

POI HL-14985-29 (Klemm, Reusch)

Role: Co-investigator Direct Costs: $207,000 (PO1)

“Adaptations to Hypoxia”

Major Goals: Our section of the Program Project will investigate the molecular mechanisms by which PPARg agonists prevent the loss of CREB in pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells. Our section will also evaluate the ability of CREB to control macrophage recruitment to the arterial wall in pulmonary hypertension.

DK57516 (Eisenbarth) Bridge Funding

Diabetes Education and Research Center

Role: Executive Committee Member

ADA Clinic Research Grant (Regensteiner) (1/2008-12/2010)

Role: Co-investigator

Title: Influence of endothelial dysfunction on central vs peripheral causes of exercise impairment in Type 2 Diabetes

Objective: To define to contribution of diabetes related endothelial dysfunction to impaired exercise capacity in diabetes

UL1 RR025780 (Sokol) NIH/NCRR Colorado CTSI

Associate co-director for education and career development

VA CCTSI Liaison

Goal: To create a local infrastructure to foster successful recruitment and retention of translational scientists

Amylin/Lilly Investigator Initiated clinical trial (10/2010 – 9/2012)

Role Co-PI (Reusch /Regensteiner)

Title: Effect of GLP-1 on Exercise Capacity

Objective: Pilot study to examine the impact of a GLP-1 analog on exercise function

GSK Investigator Initiated Grants Program 4/1/04-3/31/10 (3% no salary)

Role: Co-Principal Investigator (Reusch, Regensteiner, Durbin)

GCRC Protocol #:  1380

Title: Rosiglitazone Therapy In The Prevention of Coronary Artery Disease In Patients With Impaired Glucose Tolerance (enrollment complete in follow-up phase)

Objective: To examine the impact of PPAR gamma ligands on exercise function and coronary calcium score in persons with IGT.

Support: $398,000 direct and $496,000 total (based on pt enrollment)

Mentorship Grants:

Kristen Nadeau MD: NIH K23 “Examination of Fuel Partitioning and Exercise Capacity in Children”; CNRU, PGCTRC, CTSI, CWHR local seed grants; JDRF innovation; NIH TODAY(local PI)

JDRF Mentored Career Development Award in Clinical Research;

Cecelia Wang MD: VA CDA1/2: “Insulin Resistance and Diabetic Vascular disease”

Rebecca Ohm: Endocrine Society Summer Internship: “Role of CREB in Diabetic Neuropathy”

Yolanda Bogaert MD PhD: VA CDA2 “Role of Matrix Proteins in Diabetic Vascular Disease”

Irene Schauer MD PhD Lilly Endocrine Society Scholar award: GCRC P&F, CNRU P&F; DOM small grant, BIRWCH K12 (1/2008-12/2010); CCTSI pilot

NIH K23 (Score 16-funding decision in 2011)

Timothy Bauer PhD NRSA “O2 Delivery and utilization in T2DM” (6/2007-12/2008)

Kerrie Moreau PhD CTSI mentor based grant

Christina Garlington GEMS Award (NIH and the Endocrine Society)

Recently completed funding:

NIH RO1 DK064741-01 (4/01/04-3/31/09) No cost extension

Support: Direct: 196,101 (4/4/04-3/31/05) (4/15/04-2/28/2009): Direct 1,081,460 Total 1,566.663

Role: PI

Title Transcriptional Regulation of PDGF Receptor Alpha

Objective: To determine the impact of loss of vascular CREB function vascular gene regulation and atherosclerosis

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (Reusch)

Downregulation of CREB in Neurons by Diabetes Induced Oxidative Stress

Role: PI

Support: Direct 4/1/02-3/30/03 163,000 Total 540,000 (4/01/02-3/31/05)

Major goal is to evaluate oxidative stress mediated neuronal injury and gene regulation

VA REAP Neurodegeneration (Tyler.) (10/1/98-3/31/2005)

Role: Co-investigator

Support: Direct $200,000/yr Total $ 1,050,000

“Role of Apoptosis in Neurodegenerative Diseases”

GSK Grants Program (Reusch/Regensteiner) (10/1/01-9/1/03)

Investigator Initiated Research Proposal GlaxoSmithKline

Role: Co PI

Support: Direct $135,000 Total $170,000

Project: Effects of Rosiglitazone on Maximal Oxygen Consumption in Persons with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

VA Merit Award (Reusch) (10/01/1995-09/30/2008)

Role: PI

“Role of CREB in Diabetic Vascular Disease”

Goal: To define the impact of diabetes on vascular function and gene regulation

Merck Med School Grant (Reusch, O’Brien)

CREB Downregulation by Hypercholesterolemia

Role: PI

Support: Direct $73,000 Total: 85,000

Goal: To determine the impact of HMG CoA Reductase Inhibitors on SMC CREB downregulation in LDLR-/- mice.

Takeda Investigator Initiated Grants Program 11/01/03-10/31/09 (3% no salary)

Role: Principal Investigator

Title: PPAR gamma Regulation of Beta Cell Survival
Protocol No.:   028-03R

Support: 184,000 direct and 224,000 total

Objective: To define the mechanism of beta cell protection by PPAR gamma.

Industry initiated clinical trials: (full list per request)


Denver VAMC: 1) Nutrition Committee - Chairman 1992-2000

2) Research & Development Committee 6/93-6/2001

3) Biosafety/Biohazard Committee - Chairman 1996-2003

4) Diabetes Center Committee - Director 95-Present

5) Biannual Patient Forum on Diabetes Self Management: Chairman (2000-2004)

6) Chairman, Committee for Ongoing Research Productivity at DVAMC/Fitzsimons UCHSC

7) Microscopy core director 2005-present

8) CCTSI- VA Liaison 2008-2013

UCHSC: 1) Director, UCHSC-BDC Diabetes Center Initiative 1994

2) Director, UCHSC Diabetes Clinical Practice 1994-1998

3) Intern selection Committee 1999-Present

4) Cardiology Division Head Search committee

5) DOM research day committee 2006

6) DOM small grants review committee 2004-2006

7) Renal Division Head search committee

8) RAC 2006-2009 (chair 2007-2008)

9) Vascular Biology Center Initiative –Director

10) Center for Women’s Health Research-Senior Advisor

CTSA: 1) Co-director Education section 2008-2013

2) VA Liaison to the CCTSI and executive committee member

3) K club and K Nuts and Bolts director

4) Steering committee of the TL1 and KL2 (mentoring committee)

ADA: 1) Annual Clinical Diabetes Meeting - Co-Chairman 94, 96, 97

2) Annual Diabetes Institute Meeting - Planning Committee 93-Present

3) Member, Colorado Community Board 98-Present

4) National Grant Review – Study Section Ad hoc-1996, 1997: Member 1999- 2001; ad hoc 2002, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009

5) Abstract Review for national meeting 2007-2010

AFMR: 1) WAFCR Abstract Review & Session Chairman 93-97

2) University of Colorado AFCR Representative/National Council 96-99

3) National Co-Chair for Public Policy 98-2003

4) Grant Review 1997-2004

5) Chair, WAFMR 200-2001, Sec-Treas WAFMR, 1997-1999

6) President National AFMR, 2002-2003; Foundation President AFMR, 2003-2004

7) Member Clinical Research Roundtable Advisory Group on Associations

8) Western Society for Clinical Investigation (Council 2003-2006)

9) Program Founder and Director: Fellow and Junior Faculty Scholars Award Program (2002-2010)

Colorado Department of Public Health:

1) Member, Diabetes Advisory Council 95-97

2) Chairman, State Diabetes Advisory Council 1998-2002

3) Advisor, First Peer Review Panel of Colorado

4) State of Colorado Diabetes Initiative Steering Committee Co-chairman, 2000-2002

VA National: Endocrinology Study Section 2001-2004, VA CDA study section 2006

FASEB: National Meeting Planning Committee (2002-2004)

Endocrine Society Rep to FASEB Science Policy Board (Research Affairs-Clinical Research chair- 2005-2008)

Endocrine Society: Research Affairs Committee (Clinical Research Subcommittee) (2003-2008)

AHA Women’s Leadership Council ATVB (2005-2008)

Abstract review annual meeting (2007-2009)

NIH 2007- Ad Hoc Reviewer (R 21 RFA for DM Biomarkers (3/07); Ad Hoc Molecular mechanisms of Atherosclerosis (8/07): CSR open house workshop: Integrated Biology (9/07): Ad hoc R21RFA- Clinical innovation in DM (3/09; 7/09; 11/09; 4/10; 7/10)

EFF Grant review (2004-2010)

EDITORIAL BOARD: Endocrinology, 1997-2001, Journal of Investigative Medicine 2000-2004; J Biological Chemistry 2007-2012

Ad Hoc Reviewer: AJCN, Endocrinology, Diabetes Care, Journal of Clinical Investigation, Neuroscience, Western Journal of Medicine, Endocrine Journal, Journal of Neuroimmunology, Diabetes, Archives Internal Medicine, Journal of Biological Chemistry, Diabetologia, Annals of Internal Medicine, Circulation, Molecular Pharmacology, Circulation Research, Metabolism, J Immunology, BBA, ATVB, Circulation, Endocrine Reviews, Science


Endocrine Pathophysiology 1991-present (MSII)

Diabetes I and II 1993-1996 (Physical Therapy Students)

Management of Diabetes in Primary Care 1994-2008 (Residents and Faculty)

Diabetic Emergencies 1994-2001, 2005, 2008 (Residents)

Diabetic Complications 1996-2001 (Residents)

Ward Attending 1996-2010

Endocrine Ward Attending 1995-2010

Director of Nurse Practitioners Diabetes Center Team 1996-Present

Diabetes Management 1994-2001, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009 (VA clinic Residency group)

Pharmacological Approach to Diabetes 1996-2010 (MSIV, VA Pharmacists, VA CBOC)

Carbohydrate metabolism 1998-1999; (physiology graduate students)

Pathogenesis in Practice (MS IV) 2002

Biochemistry Clinical Correlate in Carbohydrate Metabolism (1996, 2004, 2005) (MS1)

Carbohydrate metabolism (fellow basic science lecture series) 2000-2010

Academic Career Development (DOM, DOP, MS I and ER) 2004-2009

Integrative Physiology journal review series 2005-2010 (MSTP) Course director Angie Ribera

Carbohydrate and Lipid metabolism section director and lecturer (Graduate School 2006, 2009-2010) Course director Joan Hooper

Career Trajectories – Integrated Clinicians course (MSIV) 2008-2010 Lisa Schilling course director

Clinical Pharmacology (MS IV) (1998-2011)


SmithKline Beecham – IMPACT Group; Diabetes and Atherosclerosis working group

Merck – Diabetes and Cardiovascular Advisory Panel; Diabetes Process of Care Advisory Panel

Colorado Diabetes Initiative SUMMIT Meeting: Co-chair of initiative and State Steering committee- Diabetes Grassroots Initiative for Colorado

American Heart Association: Diabetic Vascular Disease Panel

IOM and Clinical Research Roundtable (Advisory Panel: Challenges Facing the Clinical Research Enterprise: The Response of Medical Specialty and Clinical Research Societies, September 2003)

GSK DPP IV Clinical Advisory Board, 2004

GSK Diabetes Drug Development Advisory Panel 2005-presernt

Takeda Diabetes Drug Development Advisory Panel 2005, 2008

GSK International Incretin Advisory Panel 2006, 2009-2012

Amylin Cardiovascular Disease Advisory Panel 2006


Published Patent Application: US 2004/0097454 A1

May 20, 2004

“Method of Modulation of Cell Phenotype”

Jane EB Reusch and Dwight Klemm

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