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Port of Vitoria

Port Details

Vitoria is the capital and major port of the State of Espirito Santo in eastern Brazil. Located about 418 kilometers northeast of Rio de Janeiro on the west of Vitoria Island in Espirito Santo Bay, it is the 14th biggest urban area in Brazil.

Port History

Vitoria Island was settled by colonists in 1535 who found it relatively safe from indigenous peoples and from attacks by French and Dutch forces searching for sugar cane. It remained a small village until the late 19th Century when the republican government undertook modernization efforts. Muniz Freire came to power in the 1890s and undertook the paving of roads, securing rail connections with the inland areas, and planning expansion. Mainly due to traffic through the Port of Vitoria, the town began to grow by exporting coffee.

In 1908, the State’s governor supported Vitoria’s urban development, and it became a commercial center with the help of rail links completed in 1911. During the early 1900s, many public works created schools, a state library and museum, a hospital, a cemetery, and Moscoso Park.

Vitoria town was born as coffee plantations grew in the state. In the 1870s, it became popular for the export of coffee and other agricultural products, like sugar cane, from Espirto Santo to the world. In 1906, the federal government authorized the Companhia Porto de Vitoria to develop and manage port facilities there. Over a thousand meters of quay were constructed, but the project was interrupted in 1914. The project was transferred to the state government in 1924, and construction began again. By late 1940, the modern port complex was completed.

From the 1950s to the 1970s, additional quays were constructed at the Port of Vitoria. However, as ships grew larger, the Port of Vitoria became more difficult to navigate in. With a narrow bay and limited land-based access due to mountains and rocky terrain, freighters and maritime cruisers looked for other ports of call. Today, the Port of Vitoria is used primarily for offshore vessels, cruise lines and small cargo vessels.

Port Commerce

The City of Vitoria (Portuguese), blessed with three ports, was an important center for imports to the rest of the state. It also exports agricultural and industrial products, performing a vital function for the State of Espirito Santo. While its role as marketplace and coffee port built the city in the early 20th Century, its economy has diversified. Today, it is home to a productive iron processing and steel-making industry. With the recent discovery of oil in the state, the Port of Vitoria has found additional revenues that support a growing tourism industry and real estate market. The Port of Vitoria is famous for its beaches and culture. It has abundant parks and forests, and cultural events enliven the tranquil setting.

In the 1960s, Port of Vitoria facilities were overwhelmed. The Port of Tubarao was opened in 1966. With much easier ocean-going access, it is located at the north end of Camburi Beach on the open waters of Espirito Santo Bay. While it was created to handle iron ore, over the years, traffic has increased to include grains and soybean meal as well. The Port of Praia Mole was built in the 1980s to handle the ever-increasing traffic through the Port of Vitoria. Together, the three ports are part of the Port of Vitoria’s Espirito Santo Complex.

Today, the complex is one of Brazil’s most important ports. It is connected by rail and highway to the hinterlands and offers a capable inter-modal transportation system. The federal government’s Companhia Docas do Espirito Santa (CODESA) manages and maintains port facilities that include the following.

The Port of Vitoria has modern infrastructure operated by public-private partnerships that include over 60 maritime agencies, more than 40 port operators, and more than 10 cargo terminals that serve over 2000 ships every year.

Capuaba Quay is 774 meters long with alongside depth of almost 11 meters. It contains eight thousand square meters of warehouse space, 100 thousand square meters of open yards, and a retro-port of about 300 thousand square meters. Paul Quay is 420 meters long with alongside depth of almost 10 meters and contains 25 thousand square meters of yards.

The liquid bulk terminals handle petroleum products and alcohol at a wharf of 162 meters with alongside depth of 8.23 meters. The dock has capacity to handle 500 cubic meters per hour and to store up to 50 thousand cubic meters. The Paul Quay at the Port of Vitoria handles solid bulk, primarily iron ore. It rail access and two wharves of 420 meters with alongside depth of 10.7 meters.

The CPVV Terminal serves the oil extraction and refining industry and handles general and containerized cargo. It can accommodate ships of 250 meters with a draft of 10.5 meters. The Victory Quay handles general cargo, primarily paper, cellulose, sugar, grains, and iron products with four berths at total length of 766 meters and alongside depth from 9 to 10.5 meters. Praia Mole is a private quay for handling iron ore products and mineral coal.

Cruising and Travel

Vitoria is a cozy city known for its beaches, its culture, and its proximity to other tourist destinations in the State of Espirito Santo. The United Nations has said that the city is the fourth best place in Brazil to live. Visitors will want to see its main attractions.

The Parque da Fonte Grande, on the central island, is the Victoria’s biggest park. It preserves some of the Atlantic rain forest, including native animals and birds. The Park’s highlight is a 309-meter high mountain where people enjoy panoramic views of the area. The Praca dos Namorados is a long beach-side park where both joggers and lovers enjoy its seaside tranquility.

The Fort Is Joao was constructed in the 17th Century at the entrance of Vitoria Bay to protect the city against pirates and Dutch, French, and Spanish invaders. The 1551 Catedral Metropolitana is a beautiful example of the early colony’s glory, and the Capela de Santa Luzia, Vitoria’s oldest religious building, is open for tours on weekdays. On a hilltop rising above nearby Vila Velha is the Convento da Penha, a 16th Century Franciscan convent.

Water sports are popular in Vitoria. You can swim, surf, parasail, and scuba dive it its deep waters or enjoy volleyball or soccer on the beach. Sports fishers will want to try some deep-sea fishing while they’re in the Port of Vitoria. A capital for marlin, with world-wide records, you can enter a sport fishing competition. If you like beef, you’ll find some of the best in Vitoria. And Vitoria’s famous Moqueca fish dish is available at many restaurants.

Port Location:



Port Name:


Port of Vitoria

Local Port Name:


Porto de Vitoria

Port Authority:


Companhia Docas do Espirito Santo (CODESA)



Av. Getulio Vargas, 556
Vitoria, ES CEP 29.020-030



55 27 3132 7314



55 27 3132 7313

800 Number:





Web Site:





20° 19' 24" S



40° 20' 10" W




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Felipe Tabosa

Port Manager

Inchcape Shipping Services

(As Agents Only)

Mobile : 55-27-9272-0900

E-mail : Felipe.Tabosa@iss-shipping.com

Website: www.iss-shipping.com

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